Welcome to our Ladies League Page!

Our Ladies League plays Tuesday evenings, teeing off from 4:30 to 5:40 P.M. and Wednesday mornings, teeing off from 8:30 to 9:40 A.M., playing nine holes alternating the front and back.

Upcoming Dates:
April 3rd                 Applications and fees are due.
April 10th               7:00 P.M. Organizational Meeting in the Clubhouse
April 24th & 25th    Play begins with fun events!
May 1st & 2nd        League play starts.

August 11th           Pretty In Pink Breast Cancer Tournament

USGA Handicap:

If you are interested in having your USGA handicap for tournaments, please indicate so on your application in the bottom section.  Patty Ward does these for us. More information will be available at the organizational meeting.  The cost should be around $13. 

For more information call (717)665-6262 or email lynette@treetopgolf.com